Langhe D.O.C.
Pinot Nero

The strong ruby-red wi th amaranthine reflections, the intense fragrance of fruit, ought to the presence of red berries and mostly of red currant, anticipate the softness of this P. Nero, which combines the warm and spiced flavour together with scent of vanilla and fruit notes which last during the ageing maturing. The deep ruby ​​red color with amaranth reflections, the intense and fruity aroma, due to red berries and mainly currant, anticipate the softness of this Pinot Noir. This wine has a warm and spicy flavor, hints of vanilla and fruity notes that persist during aging.

It has a good structure and low acidity values, which are versatile in combinations with all medium-intensity first courses, and becomes unforgettable when accompanied with fish-based dishes.

Good wine comes only from the passion
and love for their land.