Good wine comes only from the passion
and love for their land.

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D.O.C.G. Perno

Color ruby red with soft garnet ref lexes,
nuances of amaranth red.

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Among the most classical international species of vines, the Chardonnay has founds lands and elected environments in the Langa.

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D.O.C.G. San Luigi

Symbolic wine of Dogliani, it is made with grapes from a vineyard aged almost 80 years, in a magnificient exposure to south.

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Our new project was born in 2022 with the launch of Langhe Sauvignon on the market...

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Metodo Classico

After a vinification, this wine ripens on yeasts for six months. In late Spring it is bottled with screw caps and then in the bottle the second fermentation takes place according to a strictly controlled process called “Méthode Champenoise.”

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For our family

the harvest is still a poetic time, when the fruit the land treats us to is gathered in after a year of hard work. The bunches of grapes are then turned into wine, ready to accompany special occasions or simply moments of joy.




Love for the land,

family ties, respect for nature: our wines. Come and visit our winery, and we will take you on a unique sensory tour of wine.