La Fusina Vini – Dogliani, Langhe



Get in touch and have the chance to experience one of these Activities:



We will be glad to give you a tasting of a selection of our wines, accompanied by local cold meats. This is the best way to appreciate the taste of a wine to the full, savouring every sip. We will give you some suggestions on food pairings and the right serving temperatures, and explain each wine’s appearance, nose and taste.
This is an excellent opportunity to learn a bit more about wine, or simply for spending a few pleasant hours among friends in a simple, homely setting.


Tour of the Vineyards

We will take you on a stroll through our vineyards, explaining the terroir that produces each wine, the type of soil you are walking on, and the ideal climate for an excellent vintage. Depending on the time of year, you will be able to touch – with your own hands – new-born shoots in spring, still-green grapes in summer, or clusters ripe for picking at harvest-time, or see the changing of the colours of the leaves in autumn.


Sensory journey

An incredible “sensory journey” through old and new vintages of Dogliani Docg and the other wines we produce. This experience will give you the chance to appreciate how they develop, and in particular how our Dogliani Cavagnè evolves over time, with its aromas and flavours maturing but never getting old!! – By arrangement only


A day together

Spend a day with us, and take part in the work in the vineyard and the winery (schools too). We will explain the work we are doing in the vineyard at the time of your visit, whether it be pruning or harvesting: all operations performed by hand. – By arrangement only


Discover “Tuma di Murazzano” cheese

This is an excellent opportunity for getting to know Marco Ferrero’s sheep farm and to taste the Murazzano cheeses he makes. A great way to broaden your knowledge of the area we live in, where wine is not the only local product. Murazzano is a full-fat fresh cheese made from sheep’s milk, and is an excellent match for our wines, especially Dogliani Superiore Docg Cavagnè. – By arrangement only